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Dhaka FM 90.4 Radio
Dhaka FM 90.4 Radio

The trip started from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka in 2009 when searching for good content entertainment services and the idea of radio was in the mine. The Pohela Boishakh in 2009 when he began operating the first radio stations over the Internet directly.

Dhaka FM 90.4 Radio was the first to install a complete study using RJS to run a radio station over the Internet. Working 20-hour live programs that serve our listeners in all parts of the world. In contrast to the Minister of Foreign Affairs which has a population structure is fixed, fascinated by internet radio with global reach his creativity to innovate in the programs referred to all listeners.

It was with this wonderful experience, which was (actually) thought in the launch of radio station FM. In December 2010 was the first to give the private sector licensed radio station, FM, and phase 2 of the license and the Minister of Foreign Affairs granted by the government. This is how the journey begins with Dhaka and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

To meet the need for information and entertainment of listeners through the promotion of local music culture, and events. To connect words transient, Bengali and friendly with a simple display of a sense of humor.

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